Date: 4/21/2014

Application Form

Visiting Angels

We are an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including race, color, age sex, religion, disability, medical condition, national origin, or marital status.

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Section 1 - General Information

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1 Do you have at least two years experience working with the elderly? (required)  
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4. Can you provide documentation of a driver's license and auto insurance? (required)  
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6. Have you ever been convicted of, or plead guilty or no contest to, a misdemeanor or felony in the state of Texas or any other? (required)  
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Section 2 - Employment Verification

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Section 3 - Other Training: Certifications/Licenses

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Section 4 - Skills Inventory Checklist

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1. Companionship  
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3. Toileting  
4. Bathing/Showering  
5. Transferring  
6. Transportation/ Drive Clients  
7. Hoyer Lift  
8. Cooking  

Section 5 - About You

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1. Tell us about one of your recent caregiving experiences.  
2. How did you hear about Visiting Angels?  

I certify that information contained in this application is true and complete. I understand that false information may be grounds for not hiring me or for immediate termination of employment at any point in the future if I am hired. I authorize the verification of any or all information listed above.